• We are a very small volunteer-run organisation and most times in the summer months we are overwhelmed with the work that is required on Mykonos Island. Before you contact us, please take the time to check the information on this website – it may have the answers you are looking for.


  • If an animal is injured, pregnant or you would like to sterilise them, the best way you can help our organisation is to take the animal directly to one of the vets listed on this page. Otherwise, we will endeavour to reply to your email as soon as we can.  Unfortunately, we can make no promises, as every day we are incredibly busy with animals that need our help.


  • Almost every day we are contacted by people who are leaving on that day and they have seen an animal that needs urgent attention.  These situations are very hard for us to help with; if the person isn’t there then we can waste a lot of time looking for the animal and many times we cant find them at all.  Please try your hardest to take the animal directly to the vet yourself. The hardest part is getting the animal to the vet – if payment is an issue we will try out best to find a donation.


  • Any advice we provide is given to the best of our knowledge. Should you require specific legal advice (regarding international rules for adoption etc) please consult with the appropriate authorities. That said, we are very keen to help those who want to adopt animals to other countries. 
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